To help ex-students of Shakespeares School to keep in touch with each other, the school and the town to the mutual benefit of all
Services to Members

Young Enterprise

KES Young Enterprise Group - "IMPERIUM"
In case you aren't aware the Young Enterprise Scheme allows pupils in Year 12 set up their own business and develop a product to sell.

Their company, Imperium, has designed and produced three exciting and unique postcards of K.E.S that we are giving you, as members of the Old Edwardians Association, an opportunity to purchase. The first of the three designs is of the traditional view from inside the school of Pedagogues House, the Guild Hall and the Chapel, the second is of inside Big School itself and the third is of the shield on the Memorial Gates. If you would like further information on these three postcards, which can be purchased at all three for only 3, please contact Imperium where we would be delighted to send you further details including order forms and previews of the postcards. Many thanks, Imperium, a branch of Young Enterprise.

      Sample Postcard 1 Sample Postcard 2 Sample Postcard 3

Professional services

If you are looking for a lawyer, accountant, builder, architect, tutor for your children, etc, etc, you might like to choose someone you can relate to, knowing that they share the values of a KES education. We hope this page will develop over time to provide a directory of KES Old Edwardian practitioners, offering their services to OBA members.

If you would like to use this web site to offer a professional service to other members, please send details of your name, your location, the contact details you wish to display, and the nature of the service you would like to offer to .


Business Card

Download a PDF of this card



This page is for members who would like to send a message to erstwhile school-friends, let their friends know what they are doing now, or simply find other members in the same area or with common interests.

If you would like to take advantage of this Member to Member Message Board, please send details of your name, the contact details you wish to display, and the message you would like to post to




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